Migrate your photos from Flickr to Google Plus


What metadata does FlickrToPlus migrate?

Besides the original size Flickr image, the following metadata is migrated:

  • Title
  • Description/summary
  • Tags
  • Commenting permissions
  • Upload timestamp
  • Geo location

What if I don't use Flickr Sets?

Any photos not in a Flickr set will not be migrated unfortunately. Sets allow granularity when selecting what you would like to migrate and all photos must be in albums in Picasa.

What are the limitations of this migration tool?

  • Picasa permissions are album-level, while Flickr permissions are photo level
  • Picasa doesn't accept videos, so these are not migrated for now
  • Flickr converts all RAW, TIFF etc. files to jpegs, so in these cases we can only migrate the jpg not the actual original file
  • Comments are not migrated
  • Flickr supports adding a picture to multiple albums, Picasa Web Albums don't. When migrating the photo is included in the first Flickr album (by user specified order), but not any subsequent albums.
  • Picasa has an album limit of 1000 photos, so only the first 1000 photos in your Flickr album will be migrated

What happens to my Flickr account/photos?

Nothing is deleted from Flickr, in fact we only ask for read permissions to your Flickr account.

Will all my photos fit in Picasa?

If you are signed up to Google Plus, then all photos with a longest edge shorter than 2048px will not be counted to your 5GB Picasa quota.

I only want to move photos to Google Plus, why do I need to sign up to Picasa?

Google Plus currently shares the Picasa photo albums backend. Google Plus doesn't provide a write API yet however, so we need to rely on the Picasa API - so you need to be signed up to Picasa too sorry!